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We know you may have a lot of questions about our pricing, how to order, and our delivery system. So, in anticipation of that, we've listed a few of the most frequently asked questions here. If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page. Send us an email with your questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in Oppure Oil, LLC.

Why should I create a log-in?

From the day we opened our doors, Oppure Oil has invested heavily in technology. Our thoughts became our tag line “delivery made simple.” Our back-end software is very advanced and functions with your devices including laptop, desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones. Please take a few minutes to create your log-in. It is our technology that makes the already simple task of ordering oil simple. If you were to take the time to create your login several advantages become available to you.

  • Receive deliveries faster
  • Order on the go 24/7
  • No long hold times on the phone
  • View transaction history anytime, anywhere
  • View upcoming delivery dates for our Automatic Delivery Customers

How do I get my delivery faster?


Place an order online. We often get a call in the morning that a tank is close to empty or completely out. By the time we receive this order, dispatch already has delivery routes all set up for the day. If you were to order online, our dispatcher would receive it instantly and many times the delivery gets to you much faster. The dispatcher is working several hours before the office opens.

How to create a log in?

You will need your customer number. ALL current Oppure Oil customers have a four (4) digit customer number. You may notice following your four-digit customer number there will be a dash and another number, (usually 1). The number following the dash is designed for customers whom have more than one tank or multiple locations. Our online ordering form accepts both four-digit and extra location customer numbers.

If you require more detailed instructions, just ask OilDrop Ollie. We created Ollie as an education mascot. Click on the graphic.

I received a delivery and my gauge did not move.

If you called our office the first question we would ask you is, “Do you have the metered slip?” That tells us the driver was at the correct location. Our second question, “Are there multiple oil tanks on the property?” Chances are if you have the metered slip and you only have one oil tank your tank gauge is the issue. You should reach out to one of the technicians on our local Neighborhood Providers page and have your gauge repaired or replaced.

I call right when the office opens and I am often told dispatching is done for the day. But my tank is empty!

Online orders are not only easier for the dispatcher, but are processed and mapped instantly, and thus delivered faster. During the heating season dispatching happens around 5:00 am. It is our dispatcher’s job to get the oil trucks on the road by 6:30. Dispatch has a very important job, and as you can imagine if it is not done properly it can be costly. The dispatcher starts on the next day’s route at the close of business the previous business day.

What to do if you smell oil?

The first thing you need to do is identify if there really is a leak or a spill. Often after the delivery the basement area might have an odor. If a spill occurs outdoors during a delivery our drivers clean it up, however a lingering smell may persist for several hours. If your oil tank is leaking the best thing to do is contain the leak by putting a container under the leak and pick up any oil on floor using absorbing materials, then place a call to your burner technician. Visit our Neighborhood Providers page to find a technician, if you don’t have one.

Why don’t you offer primes?

If a tank runs completely empty, the oil pump will become air bound and not be able to pull fuel from the tank, thus needing a prime. Many heating oil dealers offer this service for a fee. For a couple reasons we decided not to offer this service.

  1. Our drivers are not Massachusetts licensed burner techs, thus not permitted to perform this operation or any other involving heating equipment.
  2. Scheduling – Often very difficult to pinpoint exactly when the delivery truck will arrive.

If you require a prime and do not know how to do it yourself, contact one of our Neighborhood Providers.

One time I got a same-day delivery for a $30 delivery charge, can I always get a same-day delivery?

Not always. Our trucks usually can only fill and empty twice per day, (5,400 gallons per truck per day) and our oil is often already committed. Emergency delivery is not a service we provide. However, we understand the need and truly want to help in an emergency when we can. If we are unable to fill an emergency order please understand it’s not personal it just comes down to inventory.

Why do you charge a short order fee?

To deliver heating oil to all our customers at the lowest possible, this becomes necessary. Our drivers enter every delivery into their tablets. When an amount lower than 110 gallons is entered, the system automatically charges a $29 short order fee.

I live in zone 4 meaning some time I can wait up to a week for oil depending on when I order. Can something be done to speed up the process?

We are working on ways to speed up the process and hope to have a solution soon. Our best advice is to sign up for automatic delivery, or at least place your order online. If you order with quarter tank or more you will never run out of oil. 

Why do I see the delivery truck after dark sometimes?

Our founders Mike and Amy Hatzopoulos take pride on being on-time. When we quote a delivery date we do everything we can to fill that order on time, if not early. This often requires overtime for our staff. We understand our customers may not want to see a truck during dinner time or into the evening. Very rarely are we out after 8:00 pm.

Why did I see the truck drive right past my house and not deliver to me since I have already placed an order?

Believe us we would like to make the delivery to your home, however, it comes down to inventory. We simply may not have the oil onboard to make an extra delivery. It is our policy to deliver on a first-come-first-served basis.

Why is Oppure Oil’s price less than that of every other company?

The reason is really simple. The only service we provide is heating oil delivery. The more services heating oil dealers offer, the more it costs them to deliver the oil.

When can I expect my delivery?

Please refer to our Delivery Map

Why should I order from Oppure Oil?

You will save money and a lot of it.

When should I place my order from Oppure Oil?

When your oil tank is between one-eighth and one-half full, it's time to order.

How do I know how much oil to order?

Check your tank gauge. For more detailed instructions view our When To Order Oil chart.

Once I have placed my order, if the price goes lower before you deliver, do I receive the lower price?

No. You are charged the price that is advertised at the time you order. Likewise, if the price is higher on the day it is delivered to you, you still get the low price at which you ordered.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

You do not need to be home for the deliveries however keep these things in mind:

  • If there is more than one oil fill pipe located on the property make sure each one is clearly marked.
  • Keep gates unlocked so we can gain access to your fill pipe.
  • Keep gates clear of snow so we can gain for access to you fill pipe.
  • Keep your fill and vent pipes clear of snow.
  • Keep dogs and other pets away from fill pipe.
  • Make sure your house is numbered.

If we are unable to make a delivery due to, but not limited to the above circumstances, we will bill you an attempted delivery charge of $39.00

Does Oppure Oil deliver to commercial accounts?

We do deliver to businesses. However, commercial clients need to call us at 800-359-4802 to set up an account. Ordering via the website is currently for residential customers only. Please see our Terms & Conditionspage for more information regarding commercial accounts.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, you need to fully understand our internet sales agreement and refer to it as it explains all our procedures and your responsibilities. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

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