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 What are our customers saying about us?

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"I like the ease of ordering, My last delivery was prompt and actually a day early." - Robert Q., February 2016

"I always enjoy [ordering from Oppure]. I keep hearing about your service in the form of word-of-mouth and it's usually about your simple ordering process and the low cost." - Tynan B., January 2016

" You guys are wonderful! I am in need of an emergency delivery as I am on empty but I really do not want to use another service." - Laura H., January 2016

"[The online order form] was easy to fill out and hassle free." - Miguel P., January 2016

"I have heard many positive remarks about your company and have been recommended to try you. Thank you for making the ordering process very easy. Have a nice afternoon. I do have a dog at my home however he is friendly and enjoys the attention." - Florence M., January 2016

"Very easy to order. Would recommend to a friend. Great prices." - Tyler M., January 2016

"I think your website is amazing! I love the humor, honesty and Tom Brady references!" - Heather B., January 2016

"Very simple to use and the link on the New England Oil Site was very helpful." - Yancy S., January 2016

"2 yrs,never have had a problem :-)" - Stephen A., January 2016

"This has been a very simple and positive experience." - Gloria B., January 2016

"Terrific owners at Oppure Oil. Drivers out delivering oil in 10 degree weather on a Sunday morning! Thank you Mike and Amy!" - Paul D., January 2016

"I love Oppure Oil! I received the best customer service just now. I submitted a question and immediately received a call from the delivery driver assuring I was on his list for delivery. I've never been so satisfied with my oil company, no regrets on switching over from this house! Thank you so much Oppure :) Please pass along our thanks to the delivery driver tonight. He was so kind and professional." - Brandy G., January 2016

"Just ordered this morning! Love the low oil prices :-) " - Rachel L., January 2016

"Friendly and courteous team to work with. Great company with very competitive prices. 1.749/gallon! I'll enjoy it while I can. " - Jim K., December 2015

"Great price and quick delivery! " - Michael N., November 2015

"We just received oil from them! Can't beat that price! Very quick and efficient online ordering. " - Dianna K., October 2015

"Thats the only place we have bought our oil from for 2 years now....even in middle of freeze they have the best prices." - Donna B., October 2015

"Awesome customer service...especially Mike who always answers my emails. Even when I send 5 a day!!! " - Carlee M., October 2015

"Great prices and Great Customer Service !!!! These Guys Rock Big Time !!! " - Lisa D., September 2015

"Wow, we ordered oil on line this morning, and you delivered about 10 minutes ago. Your driver was super friendly too. Thanks!!!" - Justin D., September 2015

"We ran out of oil this morning (I know, dopey of us) and had a delivery by 4pm this afternoon. Best price around and great service. Thank you. " - Kerry C., April 2015

"Just wanted to say thank you! Not only is it easy to order, great price and quick delivery....GREAT customer service!!! I received a call after my oil was delivered yesterday that my fill pipe is loose and it need to be tightened from inside. It is not leaking at this time but could if we don't tighten it. " - Renee D., March 2015

"We ran out of oil! I got a call from the owner saying he will get us some oil as soon as possible. This company is the best! " - Chantal S., March 2015

"Great service! I was worried about running out of oil. The delivery was done at 9:20 at night! Really eased my fears of running out over the weekend. Thanks Mike and the entire Oppure team for excellent customer service! " - John R., February 2015

"The best oil price and outstanding service. Great to talk with on the phone and their delivery men are very respectful and friendly. Thank You " - Diane L., February 2015

"Can't say enough about the service I received yesterday, courteous and went above and beyond to make sure I received an oil delivery after calling in a panic....I've just found my new Oil Company....thanks for all your help yesterday Amy,your the best!" - Suzette K., February 2015

"They can't be beat!!!! Great company for sure!!" - Cindy F., February 2015

"My husband ordered oil online yesterday. How convenient! I looked out my window to see the owner pulling the heavy hose to our home and filling the oil himself. Not only do they have the best prices, the owner is a hard working man. We have so much respect for him. Thank you Oppure Oil, LLC! " - Chantal S., January 2015

"Thank you very much for delivering to our house Saturday evening! We didn't realize we were so low on oil until late Sat. morning. Did not expect you to come until Monday. Was a pleasant surprise to see the delivery truck arrive - after 5pm on a Saturday! Great service, and price!" - Stacey S., January 2015

"I just ordered our second delivery from you last night, through your website. The confirmation indicated Saturday delivery and lo and behold- you've been and gone already. Ordering was easy, service was prompt- no fuss no muss. Thank you


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