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Auto Delivery

Our automatic delivery is a free, convenient, and stress-free service. Oppure Oil’s technology assumes the responsibility of checking your oil tank and ordering the fuel for you. Our system prepares a delivery ticket when your tank is one-quarter to a half full, with an average delivery of 160 gallons. The system knows if you burn pellets, wood, or coal in addition to heating fuel. It knows when its winter, spring, summer, and fall. Thus after every delivery it is learning your heating habits and accounts for them. The automatic program is simply a convenient service; there is no contract, and this service can be started and stopped any time.

Working in this business for 20 years, we know that automatic delivery costs less for the following reasons:

  1. Running out of fuel is costly and nerve-racking! Not only do you have to wait for a delivery on a cold winter day, you also need to restart your system. Many times expensive repairs are necessary when you run out of fuel.

  2. Timing the market. Good luck! The main reason people decide not to be on automatic delivery, they want to buy oil when the price is low. We are often asked if prices are going up or down. (Believe me if we knew that, my family would be living large in Manhattan buying and selling oil futures). Automatic delivery is similar to dollar cost averaging. Rather than second guessing, it is safer to make steady purchases. That’s where automatic delivery comes in. We make the delivery when you need the oil. Sometimes you may get an incredibly good price and other times you may be paying a higher price than the week before. In the long run, it averages out.

Your consumption of fuel oil (K-Factor) is based on the weather, your house, and your habits. We track the temperature using a unit called a 'Degree Day.' The colder it is outside, the more 'degree days' there are. The temperature is pretty much the same for all our customers. The differences are each person's house and family habits. For example, you may live in a big house that is 100 years old with poor insulation, while your neighbor may live in a 2 year-old house that is very small. As a result, your consumption of oil will be drastically different.  There are other factors as well such as how many showers you take a day, whether you turn your heat down at night or when you go to work.

Keep in mind that it is important to notify Oppure Oil of the following:

  1. An addition to your house increases your living space.

  2. Construction is performed on your home during the colder months, leaving doors and windows open for periods of time.

  3. Your children come home from college for the month of January you are heating your finished basement or opening up additional rooms.

  4. The addition of a new family member may be enough to increase the amount of fuel oil being burned. 

If any of the above situations or other changes in your household occur that may effect your heating habits, remember to call Oppure Oil and let us know. We'll adjust your next delivery accordingly.

It's easy to set up automatic delivery. Just click on "Automatic Delivery" through your account at our Online Heating Oil Gateway or contact us via email or by phone at 800.359.4802

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