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Oppure Oil, LLC was founded in 2013 by Mike Hatzopoulos. Mike has nearly 20 years in the home heating oil business, and most recently was General Manager of a medium-sized Massachusetts based oil company servicing thousands of accounts on the North Shore. He has extensive experience in heating oil delivery and oil burner services, having successfully started, and grown from the ground up, the services division for his prior employer. Mike is a United States Navy veteran who served on the USS Augusta SSN710, a fast attack, nuclear submarine.

Oppure Oil’s name is derived from the company’s motto – the opportunity to deliver purely heating oil. To learn more, visit our How We Do It page. Oppure Oil brings a fresh new approach to the volatile heating oil industry.

In 2002, home heating oil was 99 cents per gallon. Since then, we have seen an incredible explosion in oil pricing. When oil was relatively inexpensive, oil delivery companies had to find additional ways to increase profits, and many became "full service" companies, offering extras such as: oil burner and A/C sales and service, 24 hour service, same day delivery, back-up generators, etc. Providing these additional services significantly increased their costs, thereby increasing the price of oil to their customers.

Now that the cost of oil is much higher, homeowners and businesses are left wondering why they are paying so much for services they don’t need or want. Using a full service oil dealer is like flying first class. We, at Oppure Oil, believe that flying coach gets you to the same destination for much less! If you want to heat your home for less, you found the right oil company. Oppure Oil's “no-frills” approach provides you quality oil at a much more reasonable price. In the oil industry, the difference between first class and coach can be as much as 85 cents per gallon or more! Relieve the financial stress that often accompanies heating your home by shopping at Oppure Oil.

The oil industry is unpredictable and confusing. Oppure Oil is committed to educating the public about the industry and related news and events. Follow our blog and sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up with us and industry news.

We hope you find our site a pleasant and easy place to shop for heating oil. We look forward to serving you. Thank-you for visiting!



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